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Korean healing table

Greetings from Food Hacking Base (fhb) and Eunha Jun!

I’m native Korean and this is an invitation to food hacking base gathering around our table.

I want to make you to feel “warm heart” and “good energy” through my foods. We think the combination of our “bobsang (table)” is very important. That means the combination of colours, the ratio of vegetables and meats, the energy of  cold and heat etc.

We use many fermented ingredients for our good digestion like for example ganjang (soysauce), doenjang (fermaneted soybean), gochujang (red-pepper sauce) and of course kimchies!

I want to prepare the table seasonal and local because freshness of  ingredients and energy is very important.

If  you join my Korean healing table we can feel all this together.

In addition everytime I want to make one dish workshop during the table preparation so you can learn how to cook Korean style meal. The good news for vegans, we have always some of our dishes suitable for you too!

We are hoping to see you soon ewnjoying and sharing wonderful food and knowledge together!

Sincerely for Food Hacking Base Eunha Jun,

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